Kay Quinn Financial provides divorce solutions with a comprehensive approach that emphasizes honesty and fairness.

Divorce Solutions from Kay Quinn Financial

A successful divorce is a journey to a new beginning. During divorce, the financial decisions you make today will have a lasting impact on your life for years to come. Very few individuals going through a divorce are prepared intellectually and emotionally to address everything properly and in a timely fashion. See how Divorce Financial Solutions can help build a bridge toward an amicable, collaborative divorce. (Kay Quinn Financial serves divorce clients throughout Tennessee and surrounding states.)

You can also take comfort in the fact that our advisors are personally responsive to all inquiries over the phone or through email. Contact Kay Quinn to get the help you need to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Divorce Court As emotionally challenging as a divorce can be, it is also a time to make careful, prudent decisions concerning family assets, care for children, lifestyle planning, and more.

The team at Kay Quinn Financial understands the potential lasting financial impact of your decisions during this difficult time.

Collaborative divorce defined:

Collaborative divorce is a method of amicably resolving a divorce case in which both spouses sign an agreement that requires them to negotiate their divorce through a series of meetings with their attorneys, as well as custody evaluators, appraisers, or accountants when required.

With compassion and proven knowledge, Kay will help you better understand the long-term impact of any proposed settlement agreement. As a result, you will enter into your final agreement with greater clarity and confidence about your life after divorce.

Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle

Whether you are employed, a homemaker, a business owner or occupied with other commitments, the advisors at KQF understand that it may not be convenient for you to meet during typical office hours. The firm has established extremely flexible times for meetings and appointments, and will schedule early morning or evening appointment to serve your needs.

We’ll partner with your other resources, too

Kay Quinn Financial also works in partnership alongside the other divorce professionals you’ve hired for your divorce, including your family lawyer, mediator or counselor. Additionally, Kay is trained in the collaborative divorce process and can provide referrals to other respected professionals within her network of specialists and advisors should you require additional support and guidance during your divorce.

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