Financial Plans

Questions About the Future?

We all have questions we find ourselves pondering from time to time. Would it not be great to be able to see what our financial future may look like? Now that wish can become a reality. We are excited to offer our clients the services of eMoney Advisor, a web based financial planning software that helps forecast where you are headed financially.

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eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor is a planning tool that helps pull all of your financial information and those “what-ifs” into a definable cash-flow. It helps you identify the timing of when your goals can become a reality based on what you are doing today.

Account Aggregation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pull all of your accounts from various institutions into one place where you can login to see your balances? eMoney is the solution. The program is dynamic and updates account values daily. Almost any institution that has online access can be linked to eMoney.

Asset Growth Projections

Based on reasonable assumptions today, eMoney helps project the growth and accumulation of your assets based on your current savings and investments. It will help set benchmarks for where you need to be year after year to reach your goals.

Below is a sample cash flow projection using eMoney. If you are interested in learning, please give us a call.