Watch the Medicare and Social Security Seminar

On May 24, 2018, Quinn Stauffer Financial hosted a seminar on the topic of Medicare and Social Security with local experts Margaret Smith and Frank Cardenas. Margaret gives on overview of the parts of Medicare as well as the difference between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage. She also addresses many of the important decisions people will need to make as to when to sign up for Medicare and what plan they should select. Frank gives an overview of the Social Security system including addressing the question “Is Social Security running out of money?”. He also discusses the options people face for when to apply for Social Security benefits. The presentations are followed by Q&A from those in attendance.

See below the bios for Margaret and Frank. To download a copy of the slides from the presentation, click here.


Margaret Smith

Medical Accounts Management

Margaret is an independent health insurance consultant in Green Hills who provides fee-only health insurance advice to individuals and families at all stages of life. Margaret has helped many of our clients with their insurance needs within individual and corporate insurance plans, and in the transition to Medicare or Medicare Advantage.



Frank Cardenas


Frank is the founder of FEDlogic. With nearly a decade of experience working for The Social Security Administration first as a Claims Adjudicator, then an Area Operations Analyst, and lastly as an Operational Supervisor – Frank’s focus became to solve an informational gap between the government and the people they serve, thus leading him to found FEDlogic.