What We Do

Goals and money management evolve as we age and priorities change. As we mature personally and grow professionally, our lives and financial situation become more complicated. However, one constant remains – planning is required to reach our ever-changing goals.

Comprehensive wealth management begins with you.

Financial matters are a direct reflection of your hopes, dreams and plans. When your finances are working well you cannot but help enjoy a satisfying sense that all of the financial elements in your life are moving in the right direction at the same time.

How we define comprehensive wealth management.

Wealth management incorporates a consultative approach to financial planning that accounts for the interrelation among tax, estate, investment and lifestyle goals in a holistic, fiduciary manner.

Our financial planning process begins by with careful listening and understanding of your goals. Our priority is to help simplify and align your entire financial enterprise with the goals and dreams that are unique to you.

Our methodology includes the development of strategies designed to create and grow wealth, protect and preserve wealth, and distribute wealth, during life and at death, in the most tax advantaged way possible.

We will happily coordinate with your own resources, too.

We will consult with your own attorneys, accountants, and other personal advisors throughout the wealth management process to develop an integrated plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Just like individuals, no two families or plans are the same.

With Kay Quinn Financial, you can build a plan that’s suited to your unique needs.

We will help you answer questions like these:

  • Where is the best place to invest my money?
  • How do I know I am making the right decisions for retirement?
  • Am I saving enough for my children’s education?
  • With the uncertainty of today’s market, how do I know which investments are right for me?

These questions often leave families and individuals struggling with their financial future. The team at Quinn Stauffer Financial is committed to helping people realize their short and long-term goals through our broad range of services.

Kay Quinn Financial employs Active Investment Management to help navigate clients through these times. They believe there are more efficient investment strategies than the traditional “buy-and-hold.” It’s about your hopes, dreams and plans — your own personal “design for living” — that sense that all of the financial elements in your life are moving in the right direction.

To meet your needs, we have assembled a talented team of specialists. Each professional affiliated with Kay Quinn Financial has extensive experience in one or more of these disciplines.

Clients of all sizes

Our appeal is broad-based. From modest wealth to high net worth, our clients extend across a wide spectrum of needs and lifestyle. We can help a client put a large sum of money to work — or open their first Individual Retirement Account.