Successful investing requires a well-planned method and diligent oversight.

Investment Management

In today’s world, there are common needs and goals individuals and families seek to accomplish – improving cash flow and building a nest egg for the future, for example. To truly grow and maintain wealth for the long term, building and monitoring an investment portfolio is essential.

Whether you are investing for college, your first home, or retirement, it is critical to select and monitor an investment portfolio that is customized to those goals.

Choosing a model.

To meet an investor’s specific needs, Kay Quinn Financial offers a variety of powerful investment models. Each portfolio model is targeted to match an client’s personal tolerance for risk in pursuit of total return. Your Kay Quinn Financial advisor can play an invaluable role in guiding you toward a portfolio model best suited to your objectives. Each model is reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine if adjustments may be required to keep stay in line with the investment objective.

Investing is a 24/7 proposition in the new global economy.

Successful investing requires periodic monitoring.

Investment tax planning, for example, requires a year-round approach. It can begin with an in-depth understanding of the tax consequences of various investment strategies and include tax-exempt investments, 1035 exchanges, tax-deferred investing, and annual tax loss harvesting.

Major life events, such as retirement, come with tax considerations too. A financial plan from Kay Quinn Financial focuses on the impact of tax on significant events in your life.

The value of professional investment advice.

There is a wealth of services that we provide, including:

  • Guidance in evaluating and selecting investment options.
  • Objective advice to help you make informed decisions.
  • Educational resources that inform and empower decision making.
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing.
  • Regular consultation and review of your portfolio.

Kay Quinn Financial offers investment services on a fee-based schedule. We believe this keeps us on the same side of the table as clients, as transaction fees and commissions do not play a part in investment decisions.